Do we hear bells anyone?

Monthly Magic Moment for: October, 2010
written by Danicia Dutry
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In some lighter coverage for WA Business News, the following article features yours truly on 30 September 2010.

The Lighter Note
Archive: 30-September-10

For whom the bell tolls

Life is a voyage of discovery, as The Note well knows, so we ought not be surprised by the twists and turns some careers take. Nevertheless, some things catch us by surprise.

Take Danicia Dutry, for instance. A WA Business News 40under40 winner some years ago, Ms Dutry had her own consultancy focused on market and community research for the resources sector.

Not long ago, that business, Q&A Communications, was taken over by international player Coffey and Ms Dutry was installed as the head of the social performance division. Just a month ago we received a fancy book outlining trends in this area headlined by an article by none other than Ms Dutry.

But things move quickly in the business world. When a Note operative sought comment from her we hit a blank at the reception. A corporate memory already erased!

Thank goodness for the internet. A quick search revealed the twists and turns were sharper than even we expected. Ms Dutry has become a civil marriage celebrant, a sideline she used to indulge in that suddenly became far more appealing.

Do we hear bells, anyone?