Up, up and away beautiful balloons

Monthly Magic Moment for: January, 2011
written by Danicia Dutry
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For a nanny and primary school teacher in training links to children and childhood were an important part of her wedding ceremony planning. The bridal party included two flower girls and two paige boys who were simply gorgeous as they ran down the hill at Matilda Bay towards the ceremony area in the rehearsal but that was only a sneak preview to how beautiful they were on the day. In a truly magic moment on Friday, the mothers of the bride and groom presented the lovely couple with two heart balloons that they tied together in a symbol of unity, joy and the future. The balloons were released to the sky with the moment captured by a reading of reflection by the 11 year old flower girl. I can still see those lovely balloons in the sky heading up, up and away.

So to it seems can the delightful bride and groom who sent me the following note this morning – it is an honour and a privilege for me to be involved in these amazing occasions and feedback like this makes it even more special!

We still can’t quite believe we’re actually married! We had an absolutely amazing day and we just wanted to let you know how glad we are we chose you to be a part of our special day. We could not have imagined it going any better and we know that this has a lot to do with how much effort and preparation you put in to everything. You made us feel so comfortable and we have had so many comments on what a fantastic job you did! We also loved the sight of those balloons as they floated away it was such a special moment, especially with Melissa’s reading, thank you so much for suggesting that! We can’t thank you enough for everything you did, it would not have been what it was without you!