Purple colour of the day at a Secret Harbour Beach Wedding

Monthly Magic Moment for: April, 2011
written by Danicia Dutry
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A beach wedding often feels like a lot of trouble as guests battle the heat, sand and wind but watching Sunday’s bridal party appear over a white sand dune at Secret Harbour’s Lagoon Park foreshore (as if they appeared from another time altogether) was quite remarkable. The bride in her traditional white dress with the flower girls + bridesmaids in deep purple and the groom and their wee baby son in black created a surreal contrast to the relaxed beach scene of a Sunday at the beach. The couple had chosen two lovely readings one from Winnie the Poo and the other from Dr Seuss which also contrasted so uniquely with their choice of very traditional vows. Letters for each other were placed in treasure chest alongside a purple ribboned lovers knot and a bottle of port for suitable aging. Here’s hoping this young couple who have crossed not only the dunes but many hurdles to be together only have to open their treasure chest in 25 years to celebrate and reflect on their memories.