Monthly Magic Moment for: April, 2011
written by Danicia Dutry
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I was initially worried about how my plan for the most gorgeous wedding party of 3 page boys and 4 flower girls all under the age of 9 was going to go – especially given between them they were doing 2 readings, making an individual wish for the bride and groom and releasing a balloon each. Logistics are always the worry of a marriage celebrant charged with the responsibility of making it all happen in such a short period of time. However  I need not have worried for a second as on the day as the most gorgeous bride walked up the path of Bishop House in Perth CBD, her bridal party, groom and even I was completely spellbound. Such a joyful ceremony full of the delight of children, family and a story of spending 2 decades of finding just the right time to be with your partner for life. Bishops House provided the magic venue and each balloon was released without a hitch. My favourite wish from a wee flower girl “I wish you would get married ever day” : ) Hopefully I can share an image soon but for now I’ll just leave you to imagine it all happening in front of the amazing Bishops House.