Love Tangerine Red

Monthly Magic Moment for: May, 2011
written by Danicia Dutry
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Nick and Helen5

Don’t you love a couple so in love and into each other that they forget the world for a minute! Helen and Nick’s wedding was an event filled with love, tears and vivid red dresses! The unusual tangerine red retro 50s styled bridesmaid dresses shone like electric lights against the green of Merv Cowan Reserve up on the hill in East Fremantle. The colour symbolised the very real, tangible and strong connection that Helen and Nick have for each other. A traditional ceremony brought tears to all our eyes with a blessing of the hands, carefully selected readings and a dramatic pause (at the bride’s request : )).

As a marriage celebrant it is so easy to develop a personal ceremony for a couple who know what they mean to each other and what they want for the future! Helen was also kind enough to post this wonderful feedback on my service to them on a web forum. It was a magic day all round.

“Danicia worked hard to find out what we wanted and to design a ceremony that was perfect for us. She was full of great ideas and helpful suggestions and was great fun to work with.” Score: 5/5

Photographer Dave captured the day, this couple and their nearest and dearest in a series of images around the Port location, the heart of Fremantle and galleries. Check these amazing images (and that tangerine red close up!) at