From distant shores

Monthly Magic Moment for: August, 2011
written by Danicia Dutry
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wayne and elena3

One of the most privileged aspects of being a civil marriage celebrant is the opportunity to meet so many wonderful couples from so many walks of life. This week alone I was privileged enough to marry couples with Australian, French-Canadian, Chinese, Liberian and Russian roots and this diverse heritage made each of these ceremonies unique, special and wonderfully personal. Today up at The View in Fremantle watching as the storm front came across the ocean, we stood out on The View’s amazing deck over Bathers Beach to witness a couple whose courtship has taken them from China, to Uzbekistan, to Mongolia and to Australia and back again. Negotiating bureaucracy and paperwork they have made their home in Australia and took their vows in front of their family and friends in a moment that truly celebrated the journey they had taken to be together. I adore the Russian tradition of entwining arms, sculling a glass of champagne and throwing it on the floor on the count of three (in a small cotton bag for safety reasons!) …the shattering glass a symbol of a breaking through into a bright new future. It made for a very special moment and just in time as the storm hit and guests moved inside to offer their congratulations.