Monthly Magic Moment for: August, 2011
written by Danicia Dutry
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Bec, Tash and lochie for surprise wedding blog

In June I was booked at First Comes Love by a delighted bride to be who took this photo home to show her future hubby that they had booked their celebrant!! After a few months of planning, we stood together again on a balmy August evening as guests gathered on the balcony of Mounts Bay Sailing Club to what they thought was the groom’s 40th birthday party! The lights began to sparkle over Perth City as the groom’s 40th soon erupted with the surprise announcement to their guests that they were actually getting married NOW!! The groom took to the stage singing Marry Me by Bruno Mars as the red carpet rolled to create the aisle. It was then one surprise after another as the processional started with guest star Dom Mariani – the amazing lead singer from The Stems – who arrived to sing his song At First Sight live with the band. Tears and laughter galore, especially from the Bride who by chance sprung Dom’s early back entrance and introduced herself to him thinking he had just come down to the Club!!! What a night! Thank you Gar and Bec for letting me share this amazing night as your marriage celebrant. It was a joy.

A surprise wedding can be so much fun but if you are planning such an event it is a lesson in logistics. Some of the things this couple put into place were to find creative ways to ensure immediate family knew they really needed to be there, thought was given to the invitation to make sure guests arrived on time (not fashionably late) and we planned carefully the key cues that would transition the guests from party to being active witnesses at the ceremony. In this instance all the planning paid off to create a unique and magical moment.