A wish for Aria

Monthly Magic Moment for: September, 2011
written by Danicia Dutry
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Arias Naming Ceremony

One of the most wonderful benefits of being a marriage celebrant is the opportunity to also officiate other community ceremonies such as a Naming Ceremony. Welcoming wee Aria into her family surrounded by her loved ones was such a privilege. In a heart warming and emotional ceremony, her parents spoke of their journey to bring her into their lives, while the mothers of the parents lit a candle to acknowledge those who had passed on both sides of the family that were now part of Aria’s past and her future. Each guest marked their commitment to being a part of Aria’s life into the future with a thumbprint mark on her framed tree of life. The ceremony then finished with each of the immediate family reading out a wish for Aria’s future.

The ceremony atmosphere was charged not only with the heart felt emotion of this close family but also the amazing colour and styling by the mother and director of Sweet and Simple cakes and deserts. The Spring colour palette, desert buffet and ceremony table just suited the joy of the day and the Spring weather so well. Thank you Paula and Dean for the opportunity to be part of this day.