O Dreamers of Peace, it is Spring!!

Monthly Magic Moment for: September, 2011
written by Danicia Dutry
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Tea Ceremony Snack Table

As one enters The Scented Gardens on the South Perth Foreshore one immediately notices the statue of Sri Chinmoy. He overlooks the entrance to the gardens standing above his plaque with the words “O’ Dreamers of Peace, come let us walk together”. This line stayed in my mind as I entered the garden that seemed to have suddenly come alive with spring colours that simply weren’t there at the rehearsal only a week before! The Clivias were in bloom and the other flowers starting to show their showy heads while the couple’s family were setting up the most amazingly colourful morning tea table in preparation of a traditional chinese tea ceremony that would immediately follow the ceremony.

The bride looked so enchanting as she walked through the garden. I loved the way the bride and groom giggled with so much joy as they took each other’s hands to begin the ceremony. The ceremony was very thoughtful and considered as the couple committed to continue to work together on their relationship – recognising that a long term commitment like marriage wasn’t going to be easy but rather a long journey that would be filled with good times and tough times. Though with all the smiles and Spring sunshine day 1 started off pretty splendidly I must say!

You can check out the on the day video that so wonderfully captures this garden wedding at Jason Soon Photography’s blog http://jasonsoon.com.au/blog/2011/09/

A big thank you also┬áto Elaine for her lovely feedback and recommendation on my facebook page where she wrote “Danicia is such a lovely spirit to have at our wedding. She is very professional, prepared and humanistic. I definitely┬árecommend her, as I saw her at a friend’s wedding, I just had to have her! two thumbs up! “