Winter Wonderland

Monthly Magic Moment for: September, 2011
written by Danicia Dutry
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I gathered with some industry professionals last night to chat about wedding timing and why more of us don’t get married in Winter. As a Winter bride myself I do often wonder the same thing. Stormy weather, fireplaces, red wine and dancing to the wee hours without a trace of sweat always seemed very appealing to me. As a civil marriage celebrant creating ceremonies for sheltered venues perhaps with wild ocean vistas also hold such appeal from squinting into Perth’s hot summer sun (though I do concur that a spring or summer garden wedding do hold their own for other special qualities : ) ).

Many of you may have seen Nicolle’s lovely engagement shoot of the gorgeous Mandy and Tommy ( who decided to wed in the middle of an August Winter’s Tuesday lunch in West Perth. This quirky, family centred ceremony was just a delight to be involved in and shows how truly special a winter wedding can be.

You can see more of these gorgeous wedding images on Nicolle’s blog uploaded this morning.