A Christmas Garden Wedding Adds Festive Cheer

Monthly Magic Moment for: December, 2011
written by Danicia Dutry
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A wedding in the Christmas week always has such a celebratory feel…family and friends in from interstate and overseas, warm weather and overflowing Christmas cheer. Making the event a party only adds to the celebration. This lovely Fremantle wedding had all of the above and the perfect garden, complete with small raised deck, for a wedding ceremony. As a wedding celebrant, I think the key elements to making a party wedding such as this work well are an appropriate cue to gather the guests (e.g an attention grabbing song), ensuring the bride has a path through which to make it through the guests (perhaps early entry of children with balloons or the rolling out of an aisle carpet) and ensuring lots of appropriate moments for cheers in keeping with the party atmosphere! This wedding certainly put me in a festive spirit.