Some days you just have to ride it!

Monthly Magic Moment for: March, 2012
written by Danicia Dutry
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Erin and Peter

Kellie and Peter have such a zest for life and they apply it to everything, whether it is surfing together, mountain bike riding, trekking or just making cupcakes! Their ceremony was no exception. It was simply a magic day as we stood up on the water tower in North Beach with pinwheels spinning and 360 degree views!

In a very personal and very special ceremony, we all celebrated along with them with lots of smiles and lots of laughter. The ceremony included a lovely personally adapted blessing that wished them both amazing waves and then some, a reading from Carin Berger’s The Little Yellow Leaf and some energetic dance moves as the bridal party made their way back down from the tower to the Black Keys Howlin for You. This is one ceremony that will stay in my mind forever – congratulations Kellie and Pete!