No rain would spoil this parade!

Monthly Magic Moment for: April, 2012
written by Danicia Dutry
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Shelter from the Rain

Despite all the best willing in the world, some days rain just won’t go away! As we stood underneath those majestic Morton Bay figs in Hyde Park, the Groom and I knew it was coming, and quickly. We made the decision to head down to the stage, under cover and thank goodness we did as it rained and rained and rained. Though no rain was going to spoil this parade. It was one of the smiliest, happiest and joyful weddings I have had the privilege of being involved in.

The orange and red of the Chinese lanterns hanging from the stage roof blended perfectly with the Autumn leaves in the park and everything was so fresh and alive as the rain fell around us and we stayed nice and dry, and did I say happy : )

You can check the smiles at photographer Loren’s website