Vintage park prettiness

Monthly Magic Moment for: June, 2012
written by Danicia Dutry
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A lightly overcast Friday afternoon, before a weekend of storms, set an almost eery calm over the Swan River as we arrived at Bayview Park in Mosman Park to set up the park for Emma and David’s wedding. A pretty, casual and family oriented affair, this wedding ceremony was made so special by the very considered approach taken by the Bride and Groom. Together, we created a ceremony based on taking life as it comes and being present in the moment. This spontaneous approach to life was captured so perfectly as the Groom pulled out some new vows he had perfected overnight to read to this Bride on the day.

Jen from Anna Rose Photography captured all the magic of the day in her pretty images. See if you can spot a very determined flower girl chasing down and taking aim at the bride with her flower petals at