A taste of happiness

Monthly Magic Moment for: September, 2012
written by Danicia Dutry
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Marriage does mean standing by each other in all manner of unpredicted situations that we find ourselves in and learning from our mistakes together. In the words of Marleen Westera’s Sheep to Goat after a long pursuit of happiness and being offered a mouthful of hay by a friend “it doesn’t matter” as she takes a big bite. “It is dry and a little dusty, but it tastes like happiness!”

This realistic and inspiring theme in today’s ceremony was summed up so beautifully in the couple’s vows that I don’t there was a dry eye up on the hill today.

What an inspiring location on a gorgeous spring day! ┬áBayview Park in Mosman Park was simply breathtaking with a calm river and bright blue sky as the backdrop, it wasn’t hard to imagine a bright happy future for a couple who have worked so hard to learn from their pasts, build a strong partnership and create the foundations of an amazing future.

Congratulations Trinh and Jimmy on a beautiful, sincere and incredibly real and very pretty wedding ceremony.