Nowhere-else But Here

Monthly Magic Moment for: October, 2012
written by Danicia Dutry
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Josh and Sasha Sand

“If daunted by the many things that don’t turn out as planned or haunted by the feeling of that unfamiliar land. Just listen to the little honeysuckle singing sweet and clear. The sweetest honey is in the tree that is nowhere-else but here” Pigram Brother’s lyrics Nowhere-else But Here.

Relevance is such a key word in thinking through unity ceremony ideas i.e. asking the question does this add value to our story as a couple?

A sand ceremony – with sand from the groom’s mighty Fitzroy River, the bride’s beloved beach in Broome and the Pindan sand of their home country in the Kimberley – was so relevant to my gorgeous couple on Friday. They met over red frogs at the local swimming carnival in high school, had their first date at the Sun Picture Theatre and the whole mob who celebrated alongside them had Kimberley roots going back almost as far as time which just made this symbolic moment so very special.

Josh and Sasha’s marriage ceremony in the gardens of Belvoir Homestead in the Swan Vally brought together the central themes of the strength of family, the strength of country and the strength of growing up together – the core elements that this couple take into their future. It was such an honour to be marriage celebrant for two such special people.