Monthly Magic Moment for: April, 2013
written by Danicia Dutry
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Isn’t it funny in life how when you least expect it magic happens.

Brooke and Matt are simply the most gorgeous couple – their story is a tale of wandering about, being together and just taking each moment as it comes. They are such a great reminder that life doesn’t always have to be about doing something, rather sometimes you can just take it as it comes and simply “be” together in the moment.

On their wedding day, drama came in bucket loads, yet despite the rain and car trouble (that actually involved me jumping on a bike and peddling with all my might in the rain an hour before the ceremony) we were able to create a wonderfully peaceful, calm and truly beautiful ceremony in my very own neighbourhood for Mr and Mrs Tideswell.

I think it would have made their mothers so very proud. Loren’s images from Nectarine Photography just say it all.