Top tips for a great ceremony

  1. When all the food is eaten and the champers drunk it is that magical moment in the ceremony that is just about the two of you that you will remember forever so treasure the opportunity to make your ceremony your own.
  2. Ensure your celebrant (hopefully me!) is listening, being creative and professional.
  3. Work with your celebrant to plan your entry, exit and every bit in between to ensure a seamless transition and appropriate mood is created.
  4. Remember your ceremony is not just words – the visual cues, sound and atmosphere need to be part of the plan!
  5. Give yourselves (and your celebrant) enough lead-time to lodge the appropriate documents and plan your ceremony for peace of mind.

For more thoughts on creating a ceremony that is personal and reflective of you both as individuals see my published link on Ms Polka Dot’s Wisdom Page called Telling YOUR Story